Great Night Routine For Your Face! by Christiana Tackett - Musely
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Great Night Routine For Your Face!

posted in Skin & Body
  • 1.
    The first step is to place your hair in a bun so it's off your shoulders and away from your face. I recommend using a headband to keep your baby hairs back.

  • 2.
    Wet your face with warm water

  • 3.
    This step is only necessary if you're wearing makeup.

    Apply a quarter size amount of cleanser to your hands and distribute it around your face. If you are using a sensitive cleanser (I will show you one) rub over your eyes to make sure you remove eye makeup. Then rinse. Leave your face wet for the next step.

  • 4.
    (This is the next step you will use if you're not wearing makeup. The facial scrub I use works as a cleanser to so that's why step 3 is necessary if you have no makeup on. BUT you must take makeup off before any other face cleaning step, if not you are just pushing your makeup into your skin and not cleaning it properly. Also it ensures that all of your makeup is off.)

    Now, exfoliate! Use a facial scrub to remove the dead skin from your face to give you a smooth, soft face. Make sure your face is wet before applying the scrub but not too wet, just a little damp is good. Rinse.

  • 5.
    Dry your face off next. Now, I use paper towels and a lot of people may think that's wasteful but I think it's sanitary. You have a clean fresh towel each dry. Just don't use too many. I mean, you dry your hands off in public bathrooms with a paper towel, why not your face? My skin was clearer when I made the switch and I feel cleaner. BUT you may use a cloth towel if your prefer.

  • 6.
    Then, tone your face. I used to think toner was just for people with oily skin but it has great benefits for all skin types!!

    The toner I use is spray so I just squirt it all over my face but if you use another toner mostly likely you will need a cotton ball or a cotton pad to apply it all over your face.

    Let it sit and soak into your face before the next step.

  • 7.

    Moisturizer! Apply a moisturizer all over your face evenly.

    Be careful with drugstore moisturizers because most of them contain alcohol because they are trying to help acne but the alcohol just dries your skin out and it's pointless. That's why I get mine from LUSH because it's about the only moisturizer I can find that actually moisturizes.

  • Now you're done! Hope you enjoyed! I use this routine every night and thought I should share 😊


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