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rosacea cream - reduce inflammation and redness

The Red Set


Eliminate your rosacea for less than $119 for refills

A comprehensive routine formulated to fade rosacea symptoms such as redness, inflammation, and acne-like bumps on the face.
Treats the following concerns:
Visible Blood Vessels
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How & Why It Works
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Pairs Well With

faceRX for skin care
The Rosacea Pill
Oral medication intended to treat severe rosacea flare-ups
redness rescue cream - reduce skin redness and flushing
The Red Rescue
Topical treatment that reduces redness and flushing

Meet Real Users

No makeup, no touchups
Jamie M. 43, WI
"I have been suffering for more than 5 years, there was no relief from the rosacea pain or relief from all the redness. A Musley ad showed up on my feed and just took a chance. Well within a week a lot of the pain went away. A week later the sores were healing. Now my face is so smooth and pain free after only 30 days! Going to continue with treatment to completely remove the redness :)"
No makeup, no touchups
Taylor-Nicole L. 28, IL
"My rosacea made me feel so self-conscious. I felt like I had to cake on make-up just to go the gym. After using The Red Set, I’ve never been more proud to go make-up free!"
No makeup, no touchups
Andrea A. 40, WI
"10 days!!! I’ve seen such huge improvement in my rosacea!! I’ve tried so many other things to resolve my issues including prescription meds and trigger avoidance. I’ve made more progress in the last 10 days than the last 8 years!"
After (1 Month)
No makeup, no touchups
Lauren R. 22, MI
"I'll be taking these products to the grave with me. The Red Set changed my life."
Fresh Ingredients

Freshly Compounded, Potent, Customized For You

Sodium Sulfacetamide
niacinamide for melasma and dark spots
azelaic acid for melasma and dark spots
Azelaic Acid
3 Simple Steps
Getting a Musely Prescription Is Easy
Complete a 3-Min Doctor Visit
Your designated Board-Certified Dermatologist will review your medical information and photos of the treatment area to prescribe your custom formulation.
Prescription Is Freshly Compounded
Highly concentrated ingredients are freshly compounded together shortly before the medication is shipped to you, ensuring maximum potency and efficacy.
Custom Medication Is Shipped to You
Your treatment is delivered directly to your door, so you can see results without stepping foot in a dermatology office or dealing with long pharmacy lines.
10xMore Affordable
Significantly cheaper visits and treatments compared to standard prescriptions:
Traditional Rx
Doctor Visit $20 $200+
Treatment $50-$110 $400-$1000+
60-Day Consultation Free None
Starting at $59 Per Month
Only $119 for a 2-month supply
No sales tax
Savings on refills
Free shipping
HSA & FSA Supported
Expert Providers
Board-Certified Dermatologists
Dr. Marie Jhin
Chief Medical Officer
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Dr. Brandon Kirsch
Chief Science Officer
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Dr. Ravi Ubriani
Medical Director
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Dr. Dana Correale
Board-Certified Dermatologist
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Dr. Kenyatta Mireku
Board-Certified Dermatologist
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Dr. Mahir Patel
Board-Certified Dermatologist
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