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Rachael F.

"As a doctor (Pediatrician) and a mom of 2 girls, I knew melasma was notoriously very difficult to treat. I have tried EVERYTHING from lasers to peels, high potency hydroquinone, and strict sun avoidance. You name it and I’ve tried it. Then on a desperate whim I tried Musely (spot cream and pill) and within 2 months it was finally clearing up! My coworkers and friends have all noticed and I feel much more confident going makeup free. I feel the reason Musely works over other products is because it is prescription strength and compounded just for you so the ingredients are potent and still active. Once I realized Musely was the real deal I went and signed up for nearly ALL of their product lines! "
The Spot Peel

Jacqueline J.

"Over the past few years, I have noticed my melasma getting significantly worse. I originally had it after each of my pregnancies, but it would fade. These past few years, though, it’s gotten so bad that I have been embarrassed to even be seen in public. I even stopped taking pictures with my kids. Friends & family said they didn’t even notice it until I pointed it out, but I’m sure they have just been saying that to make me feel better. I tried to cover it with makeup & I always felt like it looked even worse, so I would wash it off & just hope I wasn’t as hideous as I felt. I don’t spend much money on myself as a single mother, but I finally decided if Musely worked like the ads claimed, it was worth the money. I was worth the money. My self-esteem was at its lowest. After the first few weeks, I started to notice the difference & by 8 weeks my face was almost all cleared up. It’s now just 3 months in & the results are amazing & I am so much happier! I can actually go out in public without struggling with insecurities about my melasma. Looking at these before & after pictures even has me struggling to post them for anyone to see, but I feel a lot more confident now & those horrible pictures & feelings are in the past. "
The Spot Cream

Megan D.

"After having my fourth child, I developed fairly significant melasma. Nearly any time in the sun resulted in dark patches on my forehead, cheeks and upper lip (I call it “full Tom Selleck”). The spot cream quickly took care of all the dark spots. Now I only use it intermittently as the spots reappear after sun exposure. "
The Spot Cream

Kim A.

"I’ve been using the Musely spot cream on my age spots. I’m 44. I feel like the pictures don’t do the change justice. I am excited about how much my sun spots have faded. I feel like I look so much better now. The price is decent for the effect. I hope the results keep coming. I’d love for them to fade even more."
The Spot Cream

Lancy D.

"I had a ton of freckles and age spots that were bothersome, I was always looking for ways to even put my face tone, but nothing worked. One day I ran outside to take something to a friend and she said what happened to your face. I googled looking for help and Musely came up, without much faith I decided to try it and to my surprise and with a few adjustments from the online Dr. I had very visual results. I am very happy with the results."
The Spot Cream

Jen T.

"After using the hair loss treatment from Musely daily for 3 months, my hair is more full and the way it was in my 20s! The problem is … how do I style my baby hairs until they grow out? That’s a great problem to have."
The Hair Topical Solution

Leonor S.

"Very happy with the results. Thank you, Musely"
The Anti-Aging Cream

Tara B.

"I about spent thousands on lasers for my melasma. So glad I tried Musely before committing to that and wasting the money! My melasma was really bad during pregnancy and nursing and I simply thought there was nothing that would really help… until Musely. Now that it’s been 3 months, my spots are VERY light!"
The Spot Cream

Camillo D.

"can't believe the difference the eye serum has done."
The Eye Serum

MaryBeth S.

"I’ve been using the Spot Cream for 8 weeks and am delighted with the changes in my skin. "
The Spot Cream

Lin D.

"The first photo was from July 2023 and the second is from Sept 2023. I am so happy to see fullness in my hair! I have only used the topical hair solution and not yet tried the pill. I am very happy with how the results are turning out and look forward to seeing my long term results"
The Hair Topical Solution

Zhiming F.

"The dark spots may not be all gone, but in general my face looks good and i am so much more confident. Thank you Musely. "
The Spot Peel

Rita F.

"I've had a problem with melasma and dark spots for many years and nothing I've used has had any particular effect on the melasma on my forehead, which has only been increasing over the years. After starting the spot cream and with the (essential) complement of the spot peel, I could feel in less than 30 days that my melasma was finally lightening and the color of my face became more uniform. I still have a long way to go, but I'm very happy with the results."
The Spot Peel

Alonta R.

"So I started using Musely on Oct 18th! In order to stay motivated to be consistent I wanted to see REAL results FAST! So I went all out lol I’VE TRIED EVERYTHING so I figured what the heck. I’m a stay at home Mom trying to get back in the swing of loving on myself, and in the past more often than not my skin went neglected. I purchased The Spot Peel to first get rid of that old layer of neglect & boost overall results, The Spot Cream to continue lightening my hyperpigmentation, and The Spot Pill to continue the work from the inside out. In just 2 weeks I have seen BEAUTIFUL results and that new “glass skin” glow that I love! Even with the occasional hormonal breakouts they’re gone a whole lot faster and they don’t leave a mark! 🥹 Musely is WORTH the buy!"
The Spot Peel

Blair J.

"I know there are a lot of drastic result pictures on Musely website but my progress pic is for those who might be getting frustrated with results. From left on the pic, it’s before the spot peel, 3weeks marks(when it was bad) then now (around a bit after 4 weeks marks). I have a non-sensitive skin and I didn’t have a lot of acne on my face growing up or as an adult. But it might be the age, hormones or just lack of my care, I began to get a lot of spots on my face and it wasn’t going away with any other “brightening serums”. I did my spot peel a month ago and looked like a swollen sun for couple days. I was red, swollen and it was hurting to touch. Even the Cera Ve moisturizer that Musely recommended was hurting. I peeled for about a week but I didn’t see much difference in my skin. It just looked so dry and dull for 3 weeks. I was also getting bigger pores and more blackheads for some reason. I began to use spot cream since the day 4,5 ish. I used twice a day sometimes, once a day sometimes or skipped a day sometimes depending on how red my face was getting. By 3rd week, I was pretty concerned. The spots actually looked worse. My skin looked so dull and miserable. I reached out to the doctor and she recommended I could use spot cream less frequently and introduce Differin to the routine. Along with many many moisturizing facial masks and Adapalene(Differin) my skin began to show a bit of difference around week 4. My skin looks much brighter and a lot of spots have been lightened. I’m still going to continue with the spot cream and maybe do another spot peel a few months later! It’s a rough journey. Just hang in there and keep going! "
The Spot Peel

Heather D.

The Spot Cream

Mariah R.

"At 31 years old and 2 pregnancies later, my melasma seemed pretty permanent. It had become my new identity and greatly impacted my self confidence. I have tried chemical peels and countless products claiming to help brighten/lighten brown spots, but nothing worked! I was seeing Musely advertisements everywhere I looked...Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc. And assumed it was too good to be true. But after the birth of my 2nd child roughly a month ago, I decided to give it a try and do something for myself. If it worked, hallelujah, but if it was a scam, just add it to my junk drawer of useless skincare. I am ONLY three short weeks into my treatment and I can already see a difference...FINALLY something is proving to work for me!! 🙌 It's definitely not an overnight fix, but if I can already tell a difference in this short amount of time, just wait until my treatment ends and I'm in maintenance mode! This mama is ready to shine!"
The Anti-Aging Cream

Yvette S.

"I was a sun worshipper in my 20s and never took care of my skin. Fast forward to 38 and melasma took over my face while pregnant! I tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked. Foundations and makeup couldn’t cover it up and it made me so self conscious...I finally decided to try musely after seeing the ads (and incredible results) over and over again. I’m so glad I did! My skin looks incredible, (and this is only 5 months!) the spots have lightened dramatically and I couldn’t be happier! I tell EVERYONE about this product! Thank you thank you thank you!! "
The Spot Cream

Julianne S.

"After having two children my sun spots and melasma really took over. I've tried so many serums, vitamin C moisturizers, and expensive laser treatments I couldn't keep up with. I've only been using Musely for a month but the results are looking promising. Looking forward to the day I can walk around makeup free and not feel self conscious."
The Spot Cream

Purvi S.

"I have tried many different avenues to identify and help with my skin issues - medication, cosmetic consultation & what not but nothing was working for my hyperpigmentation concerns. It has caused me to lose my confidence and made it hard to wake up each morning and feel like myself. I heard about Musely from my cousin, who swears by the Musely spot cream. It’s been a month using the spot cream myself and I truly feel hopeful - hopeful that slowly & steadily, I might get the old me back. I see small differences and I am grateful to Musely for giving me hope."
The Spot Cream
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