yummy mars biscuit cake 😋 by yummy mars biscuit cake 😋Ingredients •400g of rich tea biscuits •225g of butter •4 mars bars (chopped up) •Pack of Marshall • 2 big bars of ur favourite plain chocolate bar (dairy milk etc)◆ melt the mars bars and butter together and mix well ◆ in another bowl break up the biscuit into little pieces ◆ when then butter and chocolate are melted mix in the biscuits and Marshall (leave some to decorate the top) until all is covered in chocolate◆ place the mixture into a cake tin and place into the fridge to set preferably over night or for at least 3hrs. ◆ once set melt the other chocolate in a bowl and pour over the cake and place the rest of the Marshall on top. ◆ leave to set until chocolate is hard. enjoy 😋❤ENJOY and like my page 😋❤