valentines day ideas and gifts for him or with friends

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  • Valentine's day does not need to be the same as every year- restaurant reservation. some ideas:

    1. candlelight dinner at home where you and your significant other cook an appetizer, dinner and desert together.

  • instead of the movies:

    1. drive in movie theater
    2. or make your house the movie theater. dollar stores have the same boxes of candy and popcorn.
    3. if you want to get cute- build a fort and watch movies from in there

  • little broke this year?

    1. go to the dollar store and get a jameson jar. research quotes and handwrite or type love quotes.

    you can have 365 for him to read one every day

    you can do a quote for every date thats meaningful

    be creative- add some tickets for a free massage or dinner or something

  • depending on your s/o and if he is a real good man...

    create a bucketlist with awesome ideas on it like a road trip, vacation, day in new york city, see a sports game. he will love it especially if it makes you happy.

    or you can create it together. it will bring you both closer together and be fun

  • Happy Valentine's day !
    Happy Valentine's day !
  • an awesome article why you should spend it with your friends

  • get your friends and their friends and do a girls night

    everyone bring a food platter
    everyone bring their favorite movie
    everyone bring their alcohol of choice

    or... hit the bars for a night out. get dressed up and get crazy with the girls


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