toothpaste is a lifesaver by toothpaste is a lifesavertoothpaste is my secret weapon when it comes to my skin! apply toothpaste to a spot straight away! it brings the gunk to the surface ready to pop and if you apply it again after the zits popped, it helps relieve redness AND swelling! that spot is dried and practically invisible within a couple hours!do you hide your armpits because of the darker skin left behind as a result of shaving? well, not anymore you dont! apply toothpaste to your underarm after a shave and leave for 20 or so seconds....clean off and bam! lighter underarms and also a cool, fresh feeling!dark circles under your eyes? well don't worry! apply a light amount of toothpaste and leave for several'll have lighter skin and a wide eyed feeling hope this works for you as well as it did for me!