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tired of that acne! here to save the day with 4 top ways to say bye bye!

posted in Beauty
  • use acne cream! go to walmart or krogers and buy acne cream and lotion!
    lotion~ if you use acne lotion you can put it on in the morning or anytime in the day and it will reduce
    •full pimple size
    •pimple swelling
    •pimple redness while its cleaning and you can look beautiful

    acne scrub~ this you can put on at night because it cleans while you are sleeping but gives redness that you hate!

    acne face wash~ you can wash your face with this while you are in the shower so you can wash all the bacteria in your pores!

  • toothpaste!

    you can use toothpaste on your face! like brushing yor teeth it kills the bacteria or extra food in your mouth

    toothpaste kills the bacteria in your pores

    caution it will burn like h*ll from the mint or whatever flavor type you have.

    Just put a thin layer so decrease burning and still kills bacteria at same time

  • Lemons

    lemons may burn or not work as much as the others but it still kills the bacteria but may leave acne scars

    but if you use lemons it will kill bacteria it it will take oil away from your face and make acne stop while your face is not dry as ever!

  • Hide your acne for selfies? Want to be able to be not scared of selfies? use these ways so be not scared!


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