things you NEED to know before getting hair extensions! #tipit by things you NEED to know before getting hair extensions! #tipitas every girl who has had extensions knows, they can be so much fun! they can also be your worst nightmare. please read before you get extensions so you can avoid the same headaches I had!You really do get what you pay for: first of all, I'm not saying you have to spend hundreds of dollars on extensions to get good ones, if you have a Sally near you sometimes they have Remy hair extensions on sale, which I have personally used and love! Remy is 100% real human hair that can be styled, washed, and colored just like your real hair! just try to avoid anything less than 50 dollars.learn the lingo of hair extensions: some hair extension companies, are well, evil, they use terms that some people, new to extensions, may not understand. synthetic: it's all fake, these extensions are good if you don't want to wear them often, don't want to brush, wash, or color them, and they are not good for a long term commitment. 100% real and premium hair mix: I'll admit, I've fallen for this one, it's not all real hair, again, Don't do ANYTHING with these extensions unless you want a rat tail. real human hair: self explanatory, the best you can get. can have anything done to themtype of extensions: if you are a beginner, I highly suggest getting the clip in ones, or getting regular extensions and sewing the clips in yourself. they can be a hassle, but believe me, beginners, you do NOT want to mess with the glue or tape until you have some experience. sincerely, the girl that had to CUT CHUNKS of her hair out to get rid of clumps of glue.finally, remember extensions need special care: most extensions you'll find have been processed and have a wax coating on them that will wash away and your extension won't be as soft anymore, never fear, sure they won't be just like when you first got them, but you can keep them soft and silky for quite a while just by taking extra care of them. they don't get natural oils and nutrients like your hair does, do hot oil treatments, try not to shampoo the ends, bleach wash them, and condition them relentlessly! you seriously can not condition them enough!I hope you all enjoyed this tip, please make sure to like and save and if you enjoyed this tip please check out my youtube channel under the name: jami stewart always trying to share a little bit of beauty knowledge with the world. Thanks for reading! ♡♡♡