st Helpful Cleaning Hacks In The History Of Cleaning Hacks

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  • Toys:
    If you have a sick kid at home, the best way to sanitize their toys is to toss them in the dishwasher. They won't melt or get damaged and you're get rid of germs.

  • Shower head:
    Take a plastic bag filled with vinegar and tie it around your shower head. Leave it on for an hour and wipe with a wet cloth. It'll look brand new

  • Coffee pot:
    You'll know it's time to clean your coffee maker when your coffee starts to taste weird. Fill your water chamber with half water and half vinegar. Run at a half-brew cycle and let it sit for an hour. Continue to run fresh water cycles until you can't smell vinegar anymore.

  • Trying to clean a cheese grater with a sponge, doesn't do much besides slice it up. The acids in a potato will get the residue off of your grater.

  • A paste made from 1/3 baking soda and some hydrogen peroxide will make your cookie sheets and other baking pans like new.

  • The nicks and cuts that form in cutting boards create space for food particles to get stuck. Use a lemon dipped in salt to get food out of the grooves in your cutting board.

  • Microwave a cup full of vinegar for two minutes. The steam in the microwave will make it easy to wipe away any grime in the microwave

  • Vacuum your mattress to get any crumbs or debris off of it. Then sprinkle baking soda on it and vacuum it off for a fresh scent.

  • vinegar mixture and wipe each blind with the sock.

  • Water and baking soda paste will clean your oven a lot faster than a self-cleaning cycle.

  • Put your toothbrush in a glass full of arm water and vinegar and let it sit for a few hours.

  • Warm water and a little bit of dish soap and a spin in the blender will clean it.

  • The secret to cleaning cast iron pans is to use coarse salt and water to scrub any grime from the pan.

  • Most people only think of the crumbs inside their toasters when they decide to clean them. The outside could use some love too. Cream of tartar and a scouring pad will clean it right up.


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