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    sign up to vinted using this referral link and you will get a $5 voucher to spend within the app!

  • alright, Vinted is one of the newer, more community-friendly buy/sell apps! I very much enjoy this app as it has a "forum" where you can ask things under different categories! you can write about breakups, new jobs, questions on a new outfit, etc and the fellow vinties will comment back to you. it's really such a cool feature that brings everyone on the app together as more of a community rather than just random buyers and sellers.

  • there is also the feature of messaging
    instead of writing 100 comments on one item, you can privately message the buyer about the item(s) you're interested in or just stop by to chat even!

  • vinted takes out a 19% commission of every sold item, which is better for the lower priced items because you will end up being able to sell lower since you'd get back more!

  • shipping costs are $3.59, $5.99, and $6.99 depending on weight

  • cons:
    cannot reshare your item to "send back to top"
    can only do direct deposit as a payout

  • again, not a full review, but If you want more info, I am here to help! (: Poshmark, vinted, and mercari as @brendap15 ❤️❤️


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