how to get rid of grass stains fast by how to get rid of grass stains fastthings you will needAny laundry detergent 1.Mix the Dawn and Baking Soda then add a little water 2.Mix it with the Spoon to a paste (it should be blue) 3.Rub it in the stains and let sit for 45mins-1hour 4.add some water and scrub with the dish mat 5. take your shirt to the sink and rinse it off(cold water)(no soap) (it will not look like it made a diffrence) 6.put bleach on the spot (use a q-tip on smaller spots) 7. when it turns pinkish purplish rinse it off with cold water and the stain will be gone (so will the pink) 8.You can just wash it in the sink and then put it in the dryer