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  • With Valentines day and Mothers Day coming up, we are all looking for the perfect present. but what if we are strapped for cash? here are my top tips for awesome presents that are free or cost next to nothing!

  • If you are on o2, make sure you have downloaded o2 Priorities, Hotel Chocolat are giving away FREE chocolate! if you havnt got it, ask your friends, im sure they would let you borrow the code.


    Now not many places do this, but if you walk into your local health and beauty shop or department store, go up to the perfume place and ask if they have any samples of your loved ones favorite perfume

  • Massage is perfect for a free gift, and you dont even have to use massage oils! Olive oil is a great oil to use for a massage as it helps moisturise the skin!

  • Flowers that last forever!

    these are so easy to make and they cost next to nothing! trust me, your girl will love them!

    if you add a few dabs of Rose water or any other oils, it will make them smell soo good!

  • A Mixed CD

    mixed CD's are an awesome present. it doesnt have to be all slushy music, put the music that she loves on there.

    use a sharpie to decorate or write on the CD


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