Yoga For Your Scalp by Yoga For Your ScalpDoes your scalp ever feel tight but oily? I think we have all experienced one or more of these annoying scalp issues. Many of us change our hair care products but the issues remain. Often we rely on our hair care products to tackle scalp problems when hair products are only formulated for the hair.Sometimes the scalp needs a little extra TLC. My scalp can feel tight but oily but instead of treating the problem with hair care products, I get to the root of the problem. Since incorporating the Balanced Scalp Treatment by Balanced Guru my tight, oily scalp is a thing of the past. The perfect blend of organic essential oils helps to balance your scalp. This watery formulation gets your scalp back on track by teaching it to produce just the right amount of sebum aka oil. Plus, this treatment has a refreshing herbal scent.A balanced and healthy scalp can be achieved without having to change your favorite shampoo. Used regularly, this balancing treatment significantly reduces the over production of oily so your scalp is happy and healthy.