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Yarn wrapped monograms!

posted in Family & Kids > Kids Activities
  • A C for my name!
    A C for my name!
  • This is something I saw on Pinterest a long time ago and I've loved it since!

    These are called Yarn Monograms, in my words. They're so simple and easy, as I think they're fun! They make cute decorations that can really go anywhere. I've got one that says 'Love' wrapped in Aqua and white yarn hanging in my living room! (:

  • This is very simple.

    What you need:

    1. Yarn (however many colours you'd like!)

    2. Embellishments (I used flowers for mine)

    3. Glue

    4. Wooden letter

    5. Scissors

    Note: The picture I included before is not mine, but I did the same thing just with dark green yarn and flowers to match because those are my favourite a colours right now!

  • What to do:

    I first start by putting glue on the bottom half (front and back) of the letter I choose I use. Then I take the end of the yarn and press it to the back so that it struts off of the side. I begin wrapping it around and up, adding glue as I go.

    If you use more than one colour, you should end the first colour by snipping the end, adding more glue to the back and sticking it as close to the edge as you can. Then begin like you normally would again.

  • Con't:

    Keep wrapping as you go. When you get the end or the opposite side from which you started, clip the edge and glue it to the back. It should look something like the picture I included in the beginning, minus the flowers.

    Now here is the hard part. WAITING FOR THE GLUE TO DRY!

    Time varies depending on how much glue you used. I always wait for one hour exactly.

  • Con't Again:

    When the yarn itself is dried, you can now add your little decorations or embellishments!

    I used flowers. What you do is choose the spot where you'd like them to go (the bottom-ish area for me).

    Here you can use regular glue or a hot glue gun. You could also use tape, but the glue is more secure. Put a few specks of glue on the back of your decoration and place it where you want it. Be sure to hold it for a few seconds to ensure the hold!

  • And that's how I do it! There are other ways, I'm sure, but I did this one as being the most interesting.

    Anyways, I hope y'all enjoy this! (:

  • Also: If you guys would like images of how I did it as I went along, leave a comment saying and I'll post them up for y'all!


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