Workouts To Get Toned Abs 💪 by Serena Carter - Musely
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Workouts To Get Toned Abs 💪

posted in Health & Fitness
  • 1. C R U N C H E S ~ 30 reps
    • Lie on your back with your knees bent
    • Cross your arm over your chest
    • Lift shoulders off the ground towards knees, using your abdominal muscles not your neck for power
    •T o avoid injury keep your neck straight
    • Ease down slowly. Relax your abs and then repeat.

  • 2. A L T E T N A T E H E E L T O U C H E S ~ 20 reps
    • Lie on back with your knees bent and your feet spread slightly wider than shoulder width apart
    • Extend your arm along the side of your body, pointing towards your feet, with your palms facing up
    • Exhale and use your abs to crunch forward and to the right and try and touch your right heel with your right hand
    • Hold for a few seconds
    • Relax and slowly move back to the starting position
    • Repeat to the left heel with the left hand.
    (1 rep = both sides)

  • 3. B I C Y C L E C R U N C H E S ~ 20 reps
    • Lie flat on the ground with hands behind your head and knees to your chest
    • Straighten your right leg out to about 45 degrees from the ground while turning your upper body to the left and touching your left knee with your right elbow
    • Repeat with other side
    (1 rep= both sides)

  • 4. R E V E R S E C R U N C H ~ 20 reps
    • lie on the floor with legs straight and arms at your side
    • Bend your knees and lift your feet so that your lower legs are parallel to the ground
    • Bring your knees into your chest, keeping legs bent
    • Slowly bring your legs back down to the starting position
    • repeat

  • 5. R U S S I A N T W I S T ~ 40 reps
    • lie on the floor with your feet under something that won't move, or held down by a partner, and bend your knees
    • lift up your upper body so that it creates a v shape with your legs. Extend your arms in front of you and clasp your hands (this is the starting position)
    • twist your torso to the right so that your arms are parallel with the ground
    • return to starting position and repeat to the other side

  • 6. F L U T T E R K I C K S ~ 20 reps
    • lie on your back with arms extended at side and palms facing down
    • extend legs and lift them about 6 inches off the floor, with knees a tiny bit bent
    • Now quickly lift legs up and down in small motions, like scissors
    • use your abs to hold your body up and get the strength for your legs
    • do this roughly 20 times

  • 7. L Y I N G L E G R A I S E ~ 20 reps
    • lie on the ground with legs extended
    • put your hands either under your glutes, or by your side
    • keep your legs extended (with knees slightly bent) and raise your legs up straight towards the ceiling
    • slowly lower legs back to starting position

  • 8. W I N D S H I E L D W I P E R S ~ 10 reps
    • lie on your back with arms extended out for support
    • raise your legs so they create a 90 degree angle with the ground
    • now lower your legs directly to the right side, still keeping your upper somewhat on the ground, try to stop right before touching the ground
    • now bring your legs back up towards the ceiling
    • next repeat to the left side

  • 9. P L A N K ~ 60 seconds
    • lie face down on the ground and elevate yourself by resting on your forearms and place your toes towards the ground ( so only your forearms and toes should be touching the ground)
    • keep your palms face down on the ground, arms should be shoulder width apart
    • keep a straight line from your head to your ankles
    • hold this position for 60 seconds

  • Good job guys! I'm proud of your and don't give up!! You are all amazing and I know each and everyone of you can reach your goals if you put your mind to it!


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