Which Pain Reliever Is Best For That Headache? by Which Pain Reliever Is Best For That Headache? It can be hard to choose with all of the different over the counter pain medicines out there. Maybe you know which works the bet for your aches and pains, but do you know why??1. Aspirin: This is an NSAID which stands for Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drug. This decreases swelling and reduces your risk for heart attacks and strokes. This pill works well for both muscle aches, tension headaches, and tooth aches! It's a very useful drug. However, if you have stomach ulcers or any sort of bleeding disorders, Aspirin is probably not for you. You may also want to avoid it if you're on your period, because it may increase bleeding.2. Ibuprofen: This is the best for joint pain and pain related to arthritis. It is also used to reduce temperature and relieve tension headaches. It's an NSAID, and fairly similar to Aspirin. It has less side effects than Aspirin, but can still be very irritating to the stomach lining.3. Naproxen: Another NSAID, is the best for muscle pain related to activity and tension headaches. Be sure to stay well hydrated when taking NSAIDs, as they can decrease blood flow to the kidneys and may increase your risk for heart attack and stroke when taken too often.4. Acetaminophen: This drug is perfect for headaches. It is not an anti-inflammatory, so it's not the best for muscle pain, but it will work to a certain degree. This also works as a fever reducer. It is safe for children as long as it is cleared by a pediatrician first. Doctors suggest this for people with stomach issues. This is not good for you if you have any liver conditions, and should not be used by people who drink frequently.ALWAYS ASK A DOCTOR before starting any treatments or new drugs to make sure they are right for you.