What To Do When Your Friends Are Over And You Can't Think Of Anything To Do by Sophia Tsinoglou - Musely
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What To Do When Your Friends Are Over And You Can't Think Of Anything To Do

posted in Entertainment
  • 3+ people needed

    This is called the blind fold game it's best played in hall ways were every round you open another door.

    This game is exactly the same as marks polo but you don't say anything and the person trying to blindly tag you has a blindfold over their eyes.
    One person has there eyes covered and tries to catch someone then who ever is caught is then it and (if your playing in a hall way) another door opens every time someone else is it.

  • 2+ people

    This game is great especially for big party's along with spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven. This game is truth or dare! We all know how to play this and it's great when boys and girls are at the party you can spice things up a little and maybe get your Bff to kiss her crush🙊 who knows! This game is unpredictable and never gets old.

  • 2+ people needed

    Make an iMovie
    Grab an ipad or pod and start creating you can go full in it and get dressed up and apply a ton of makeup on! It's super fun and it can even just be something silly and funny!

  • 1+ people

    I call this the active eye. You start somewhere in the house and u look around trying to find stuff to do together each of you can just call out ideas when you have one and decide if you want to go ford with them! Even if you don't find something to do all of you get to your decides and Google what to do! It's their May as well use it.

  • Hope you guys enjoyed my tips! Make sure to like if you like it!


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