What Not To Do During Your Period by What Not To Do During Your PeriodDONT WHERE WHITE When wearing white if you just started or ended DO NOT WEAR WHITE no matter how good you think you are at changing your pad or plug! So if you are trying to impress him or not make a fool of yourself use this and don't where WHITE (This also applies to any other lighter color close to white)Coffee strengthens cramps! Coffee or caffeine even decaf strengthens your cramps by 10% each time you drink caffeine or coffee! Tea has caffeine but like about 1% Green tea has the equivalent to drinking coffee tooDon't take it out on others! People can tell if you are on your period or pmsing when very mouthly! You may start getting more frustrated than usual.Change in the first hour!!!!!! You are the most heaviest in your first hour of being awake! You are asleep and horizontal and gravity makes the blood go down. You don't bleed as much during the night vs. the day.Finally Eat as much chocolate as you can they help the cramps I have no friends on here!