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What Guys Like And Dislike In Girls (I Asked All My Guy Friends)

posted in Various
  • Number one thing that every single guy likes...

    1. Be yourself πŸ™‹

    No guy wants to date a girl who acts like she's someone who she and everyone else know she's not! Be happy, or at least act happy, with who you are an very soon you truly will be happy with yourself!

  • 2. Don't try to attract so much attention.πŸ˜’

    This isn't just for guys, girls hate this too. People are meant to be equal so don't try to be better than other people

  • 3. Be nice ☺️

    I know it may not seem like guys look for a kind personality, but they truly do. Maybe not guys in middle school, but once they grow mature, they will!

  • 4. Dress appropriately, but your own style!! πŸŽ€

    Please girls, don't show half your breasts and butt to everyone, it's not attractive!

  • 5. Don't change yourself for anyone, including guys!😌

    Guys like to see that you are independent, so it's a great tip in life as well not to try to be someone else based on other peoples standards. Be who you want, not what someone else wants! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  • 6. Dont go from guy to guy, give yourself some time :)

    Guys simply hate girls who start dating right after a breakup, because it shows you didn't even care! You don't have to be serious with a relationship, that's your choice, but have some respect for people! Take some time after a breakup to reflect on it, and then you be open for a different boyfriend😊

  • 7. Respect yourself and others

    Everyone including guys hate to see people disrespect others!! This means you too, so please don't self harm. There are so many things to be happy about in life, you just need to wait to see them, or make them yourself! They're so many alternatives too!!

  • 8. Be clean!

    One of the worst outer dislikes a guy can have is bad hygiene!!!! Please please please take showers daily and wear deodorant! Even though you think U don't smell bad, there's a huge chance that your body has a distinct odor!

  • 9. Try and be successful!

    Don't throw your life away girls! School is your chance to become a successful person, so please try to get good grades! Guys like to see that you care about these things and that you care about your future. :)

  • Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it! Have fun getting that special boy to like you 😊😊

    Please like and save? I'll do the same back πŸ’•πŸ’•


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