Weight Loss Drink For Under £5 by Weight Loss Drink For Under £5This drink isn't expensive and taste so good☺️ 1. Mix cinnamon and honey together in a cup/mug 2. Let that sit for 10minutes 3. Add boiling water to the paste 4. Let that sit for 20mins mixing it every now and again 5. Filter the drink so there is no cinnamon or honey left. 6. Can be drunk hot or cold taste good whatever you choose.This drink works best if you drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and before you go to bed a couple of hours after you have eaten. I haven't been doing much exercise whilst I have been drinking think drink and I've lost 5lb so far in one week, it really does work.WARNING🚨- do not I repeat do not just drink this drink and not eat anything. It will end up making you ill (don't let this turn you of from trying it, it really does work just be sensible) only drink this twice a day and I promise it will work*This is my tip please don't steal it and claim it as you're own* Like👍 save💾 follow👣