Ways To Prepare Your Voice For Auditions by Tyra Renzini - Musely
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Ways To Prepare Your Voice For Auditions

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  • You could do this weeks to 3-4 days before your audition. It will have no effect if you use these tips the night before.

  • Foods to stay away from:
    Dairy ( milk, ice cream, cheese, ect
    Acidy foods (sauce, oranges, list of acidic food http://www.ehow.com/info_8050699_foods-acidic.html#page=4 )
    Sugary foods (cookies, candy, cake, ect)
    No soda or juices

  • Foods that are good for your voice:
    Watery fruits (watermelon, kiwi, cantaloupe, ect)
    Grains (bread, pasta, cheerios, ect)
    Honey is amazing for your voice. So is hot herbal tea or water. You want to drink plenty on water to stay hydrated.

  • Remedies:
    Tablespoon of honey everyday
    Dont speak in loud voices try whispering at the least
    Warm up ur voice for 5 minutes everyday
    Not only keep ur body hydrated with lots of water but keep your lips hydrated with Chapstick

  • Boil herbs it water(recommended)or just boil plain water pour some if it in a bowl throw a towel over ur head to make a tent around the bowl Breath in with your mouth Do this for 10 min(if the water cools down just boil it again) do not speak for 30 min after doing this and do not breath in cold air

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