Want To Make Your Own Free Nail Polish?

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  • All you need is:
    -Clear Top Coat,
    -Old eyeshadow.

  • Firstly, grind up the eyeshadow, (if it's not already) you can do this just by pressing it firmly with something hard, eg: the flat surface of a spoon! Make sure it is all crushed and there are no big bits left! Finally, just add it to the top coat! And then if you want, you can mix it together by using a cocktail stick! It should change the colour of the eyeshadow you've used so make sure you use a nice colour! - If the colour doesn't blend in with the polish straight away, just leave it for a couple of hours or so! :)

  • -You can get the Top Coat for very cheap at the dollar store/pound land or off Amazon/Ebay!


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