Want Blond Streaks In Your Hair?? Ditch The Die! And Do It with Some Natural Ingredients 💁👌

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  • Like this?
    Like this?
  • The secret ingredient to having natural blond streaks in your hair is lemon juice 🍋🍋
    •All you do is cut a fresh lemon in half and squeeze the lemon juice out into a bowl. (I normally use 2-3 lemons).
    •After you have done that you use a sponge to carefully wet the hair with the lemon juice.
    •Once all socked, you leave in for most of the day and try to stay in the sun. The sun is what causes it to bleach or lighten the colour of your hair.
    •Then wash out at night and you'll see results not long after.

    • This will only work on non-dyed hair.
    •do not use every day, only 2-3 months.

  • What you'll need: •Lemon/s •Bowl •Sponge (doesn't matter what sponge or size) •The Sun ☀️


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