Vans Warped Tour Survival by Vans Warped Tour SurvivalSTAY HYDRATED!!!! Seriously, this is huge! If you don't want to buy drinks there you can bring water bottles but they have to be sealed still or they want let you bring them in. Make sure you keep the cap too because they have water refill stations.Know where the first aid tent is. If you or anyone needs help then go there. Also, if you feel dizzy or anything go there, they'll give you water and let you lay down in the shadeLook for the big red inflatable (👆) it says all the set times and stages that your favorite bands will be performing on!Bring a drawstring bag to hold all of your things in. Also, you may want to re-enforce the straps with duct tape or double knot them since they break easily. You can bring book bags too but they're much more inconvenient (too heavy & big)Bring lots of money for cool merch and other stuffBring snacks so you won't have to wait in long lines there, also you can munch on it while you're waiting for your band to come on.Dress in summer clothes with shoes that are like I dunno VANS! Ps. Don't wear bikini tops plsI would highly suggest making a list of all the bands you want to see with the set times, stage name, and signing time!Try to wear very a very minimal amount of makeup, you'll probably sweat it off. I would just go with a light foundation, waterproof eyeliner, and lip glossMake sure you charge your phone the night before and try not to use it much before you get thereMake sure you eat breakfast before you go or it'll throw off your moodGet lots of sleep the night before or you'll probably get tired while you're there and have to sit downHave a place where you and your friends know to meet at if they or you get separatedDONT GO INTO AN MOSH PITS UNLESS YOU KNOW YOU CAN HANDLE IT!!!!! They get really roughBring 2 cans so you can skip lines to get inAlso, you probably shouldn't crowd surf, if you really want to then be my guest but FYI it's really easy to get dropped really hard and people feel you up like crazy. I've seen really bad crowd surfing endings😖Bring a couple pairs of cheap sunglasses in case you lose themTHIS IS ESSENTIAL TO WARPED TOUR SURVIVAL!Be nice and tip the merch people they work hard for a long time, they often give extra things with tips tooMake new friends! It's easy to find cool people who also share the same music taste at Warped tour