Uses For Vaseline! ❤️

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  • If you have petroleum jelly it's the same thing as Vaseline FYI. Just in case.

  • 1. Apply Vaseline on your eyelashes just before you go to sleep, to receive longer, fuller lashes within a week!

    2. Vaseline is a really good makeup remover, apply with a cue tip (ear bud) and smooth over your face!

    3. Vaseline helps perfumes stay on. Smooth Vaseline over your wrists ( or where ever you would like to spray it) your perfume will stay on all day!

  • 4. Put it on your lips as lip balm or Chapstick and it works really well!

    5. Also put it on your feet before bed and throw some socks on it and your feet will be smooth and soft!

  • Hope you enjoy like and save! ❤️


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