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Ultimate Relaxation Day

posted in Health & Fitness
  • Here is a way I have a full day dedicated to pampering myself and my body.

    I workout everyday apart from Sunday's when I take the day off to relax and pamper myself. This is the way I do it.

  • 1) Diets
    If you are on a diet this I would advise to do once a fortnight or once a month you take this day off to eat what you want like a cheat day. I do it once a week but that's because the rest of the week I'm on a strict diet off 1000 calories

  • 2) laying in
    I wake up everyday at 7/8 depending on if I have college. Other days I wake up early to workout. I sleep in on Sunday's till about 12 and this really helps because it means your body is fully awake and this also means you won't be too tired to finish all these points.

  • 3) hair mask
    I personally use olive oil because it's really good with my hair but you can use any hair masks you think work best.

    To do my hair mask I put a small pot of olive oil in the microwave to warm up(don't make it hot) make it warm to touch this will activate the nutrients in the oil.

    Then I lather it on my hair (dry) for 30 minutes 10 minutes will my head upside down (blood rushes to your head to stimulate hair growth) then the rest of your time with your head upright and I like to put my hair into a large hair clip to hold it out of my face

  • 4) face mask
    Putting on a face mask while you have 10 minutes left of your hair mask before you will go to wash it out this is so you aren't using a lot of water and having to dry then wash time and time again. Any face mask you prefer is fine make sure it's good for your skin type.
    E.g I have a moisturising mask because I have dry skin.

  • 5) showering
    When you wash off your hair mask and face mask I would suggest washing your hair last as if you wash it first the oil in your hair won't have time to properly soak in your hair.
    Once the face mask is completely off shave your legs and other body parts you need to take care of.
    (I do my 'girly' parts after I put the mask on)

  • 6) washing off the hair oil
    You may need to wash it a couple times however I find leaving the shampoo to soak in for a few minutes like conditioner sits works just as well.

    In between the shampoo soaking I do my normal face scrubs during showers making sure my hair doesn't get washed out.

  • 7) after showering
    Put on a movie while your hair dries (this may take longer as it will hopefully be thicker)
    And sit down with a coffee or hot chocolate or maybe a glass of wine as long as you're of age obviously.

  • I personally find this a great way to relax and I play a playlist I made for relaxing it has smooth songs and pop kind of songs I recommend not any hard rock because that's not relaxing

  • Please ๐Ÿ‘/&๐Ÿ’พ



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