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Traveling Advice

posted in Travel

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    ⠀⠀↠ guide to: traveling advice
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    intro: these tips are from someone who I really look up to. She is a flight attendant and visited 30 different countries by the time she turned 30 (last year), so she knows how to travel.

  • Don't smile at strangers, and mostly by that I mean men. You can smile chat all you like at little old ladies and kids.
    The eye contact rule is mostly for other continents. In the US and Canada, eye contact isn't an invitation to be hit on.
    Mostly, you want to appear confident and prepared, so hold your head up high, act like you know what you're doing, and walk with a purpose. You can make eye contact as you walk, just kind of slightly nod and look serious if you do (it sounds silly, but works).

  • If you need to walk somewhere and you're not sure how exactly to get there, take a screenshot of the map on your phone so it looks like you're just texting as you check you're directions. You just want to avoid the "vulnerable tourist" look. Be aware of surroundings, but be casual too.
    If you ever do need to stop and figure out where you are, if you can, try to step into a store to do so, instead of on the street. Ask an older woman or family for directions/help, they're generally safe.

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  • Enjoy it too! Small conversations with people as you travel are part of the fun. Most people are just going about their own business, so don't be fearful of your fellow travelers. Just be careful not to share too much and always listen if you have an internal alarm going off about someone's sketchiness!
    Keep valuable things out of sight when you can, phone in pocket, for example, etc.
    Before you start your trip, make copies of all passports, IDs, and debit/credit cards in case they are stolen/lost.
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  • This Tip Is From My Instagram Account @smartgirlsguides


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