Top Tips When Getting A Tattoo! by Keety Ink - Musely
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Top Tips When Getting A Tattoo!

posted in Fashion
  • Things to think about before getting a tattoo!

    Tips are from a real licensed tattooist.

    I hope this helps



    This is a vital part of the tattoo process, miss this out and you could end up with a dragon that looks like a dead chicken, trust me, I have seen a few dead chickens in the studio!

    When researching your artist there's a few things you should look for... (See next page)


    Steady line work!

    If your chosen artist has wobbles and bobbles in all the wrong places, steer clear!

    Patchy colour!

    If you see any of this going on, look elsewhere!

    Smooth shading!

    This is key to making any tattoo look good, so if their shading is inconsistent, you might want to think about finding a new artist.

    Good artwork!

    Look for their drawings and artwork. They should have some!! If not, you have to ask why? You want your artist to be an artist!


  • My second top tip,

    Top Tip 2. PLACEMENT!

    Being an artist myself I'm all about freedom, but you have to think realistically.
    If your life goal is to be a lawyer, don't get a huge tribal tattoo on your face.
    Pretty common sense stuff when it comes down to it.

    But that's not the only thing to think about when it comes to placement.

    When choosing your design you need to make it flow with the chosen body part, so that's something to keep in mind!
    Your artist should be able to help you with that!


  • Top Tip 3. COST!

    Anyone who goes to an artist for their low price over the skills of more expensive artists deserve a dead chicken instead of a dragon.

    A tattoo is permanent! If you want a decent tattoo then go for skill over price,
    If the artist is out of your price range - save up!

    It will be worth waiting the extra couple of months for a good tattoo instead of spending the rest of your life with a bad one!


  • Top Tip 4. HYGIENE!!

    Is the studio clean? Are they registered?

    Things to look for when checking hygiene:

    a.) Disposable needles
    This is crucial! If you are unsure if they are disposable, ask to see the blister package they come from. Also, keep your eyes open for a YELLOW SHARPS BIN (yellow hard plastic container with a lid). This is where the needles must be disposed of, BY LAW. So if they do not have one of these, ask to see it.

    b.) Disposable or Sterile tips
    Again, very crucial! Same principle applies, if you are unsure - ASK! (Cont. next page)

  • c.) GLOVES!
    If your artist does not wear hospital standard gloves - just leave. Get up, walk away.

    Think about it, if they don't cover their machine on you, then they don't on their other customers. Cross contamination is a serious issue, you could end up with something very nasty. Double check this before sitting down!

    e.) LICENSE!
    Although this does not mean they are always hygienic, this does mean they get checked by health and safety. This should be displayed in the studio, can't find it - ASK!
    If they won't show you, question why!

  • Top Tip 5. DESIGN!

    Make sure your design is EXACTLY what you want. Too many times I've seen people come in to the studio with tattoos they regret because it wasn't really what they were after.
    Work with your artist on a design and make sure it is 100% what you want.

    Confirm on colours, size, details. Make sure it is perfect for you. No matter how small the tattoo you are getting is, it has to be right for you.

  • Hopefully my few top tips will help you when visiting a studio or choosing your artist!

    Good luck on your tattoo and have fun in the process!

    Feel free to like my tips and keep your eyes out for more



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