Top 10 Pierce The Veil Songs With Meaning To Some

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    King for a Day (feat. Kellin Quinn)

    This song basically about not wanting to put up with someone's shit anymore


    This song was written about Vic's ex who when she left she left little this like razors or bobby pins which is what caraphernelia means

    Bulletproof Love

    Bulls in the Bronx

    Vic wrote this song after a fan commuted suicide hence the lyrics "I don't want to wait for the down set date cause I would rather end it all tonight and if I mean anything to you I'm sorry but I made up my mind"

    Hold On Till May (feat. Lindsey Stamey)

    A Match Into Water

    This song is dedicated to Vic's ex who overcame cancer

    I'm Low On Gas and You Need a Jacket

    Yeah Boy and Doll Face

    Hell Above

    This is for the kids who don't belong but find a home and comfort and feel safe at concerts



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