Tips To Get Your Hair To Grow! by Tips To Get Your Hair To Grow! Here I'm going to share with you my simple tips to make hair grow! Please note that no "trick" or "method" will make your hair grow an extra 5 inches within a week! Your hair follicles are delicate so have patience and dedication! Follow these tips and your hair should become healthier and in better condition allowing your hair to grow!Firstly ensure that you get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks! I don't mean drastically just the "dead/split ends" You may think this will slow down your hair growth but in fact this stops your hair from splitting further and gives your hair a healthy base to start growing! Massage your scalp! This will release your natural oils from your roots and aid in repairing and strengthening your hair! Hair mask! Now I LOVE this product! The smell is absolutely gorgeous and it is affordable too! My method for this is to shampoo and condition as normal then rinse and apply this product to your "problem" areas I always apply to the ends of my hair, then brush through and leave for 5 minutes! That's all I do and have noticed a difference in my hair! If like me you colour your hair every so often I'd also recommend the "Andrew Barton SOS" mask and it restores moisture! You can get this from "ASDA" in the UK for £3.95 however I'm not sure if this product is available worldwide, but if you know of anywhere worldwide that stocks this please comment below :)