Tips For Healthy Long Hair😻💆🏻MUST SEE!! by Tips For Healthy Long Hair😻💆🏻MUST SEE!!I'm sure you want long healthy hair, don't you?if you do You've come to the right place👍🏼🙎🏻Take cold showers! It makes your hair insanely shiny❄️🙆🏼❤️DON'T use heat! It stops your hair from growing, and produces split endes✋🏻now, we don't want that do we?!😳🙈Use deep conditioners or hair masks once a week or once every two weeks. I always use hair masks! They replace the horrible fluffy hair to super soft shiny hair😘💆🏻Hair vitamins are Great! they make a huge difference to your hair🎉💚your hair grows amazingly fast💜😍and it's not just for hair it is for nails too💕yay!!Massaging your hair for 4 minutes every day makes a huge difference too👍🏼💛it stimulates your blood flow and produces hair growth💍🌸Please. Don't wash your hair every day🚫it strips all the natural oils from your hair and leaves you with horrible fluffy unhealthy hair😭🙈🚫Don't brush your hair when it's wet. If you want to, use a deep tooth can get it at a chemist, boots, superdrug and many more shops👍🏼💕🎉your hair is very fragile when it's wet! Remember that✋🏻🙆🏼Get your hair trimmed regularly, like every few months💇🏻💇it prevents split ends and will look tremendously healthy😏😻💪🏼This is quite a obvious tip but when you have shampoo in your hair massage it for about 2 minutes or even more if you want, this also produces hair growth💆🏻🙆🏼❤️Be patient☝🏽your hair doesn't grow 2 inches every day😫as much as you want it to😔just take care of your hair and it will grow😉If your hair gets greasy it means you are putting conditioner all over your hair🙅🏻remember, only put it on the ends of your hair and leave on for a few minutes🆗