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Tips For Curly Hair💇

posted in Beauty > Hair
  • 💕 Apply hair products 10 minutes after you washed your hair that way your hair can stretch and elongate.

  • 💕 Do a hair mask 1-2 weeks for moisturized hair. Do a hair mask especially in the winter because your hair tends to be more prone to dryness and brittle. 

  • 💕 Try to wash your hair once a week that way your natural oils in your scalp can do its magic and get your hair growing!👌😉

  • 💕 Get a trim once every 4-6 months that way your hair will look healthier and your split ends won't have split ends.

  • 💕 Try different hair styles and have fun with them! You can try Bantu knots, braid outs, twist out, and other hairstyles! When it comes to curly hair you can always switch it up.😉

  • 💕 Try not to use heat for 4-12 months or longer. You want healthy hair not damaged hair, it can be tempting but the longer you stay off heat the better your hair will be and when straightening your hair use heat protectant. You can also find alternatives way to straighten your hair without heat.

  • 💕 Always use a wide tooth comb when combing out wet hair or you can separate your hair or finger comb it.

  • 💕 when your hair is dry and you're about to wash it use a hair detangler brush that way it will be easier to wash your hair and it doesn't clog up the tub as much.

  • 💕 Always apply some oil like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, moroccan oil to the scalp and ends of your hair.

  • 💕 Sleep on a satin pillow case or wear a satin hair cap to bed for less frizz and less split ends.

  • 💕 When waking up mix some oil (of your choice) with water and spray it on your hair.

  • 💕 If you don't like the water and oil mix then you can mix conditioner and water in a spray bottle but use cold water, never hot.

  • 💕For less to no frizzy and damaged hair, wash your hair in cold water.


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