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Tips For A Better Night Sleep

posted in Health & Fitness
  • For a good nights sleep it's important to prepare yourself before the night. Here are some simple steps that I have learnt through experience:

    1. Eat healthy (or as healthy as possible)

    If you eat well, then your body will feel happier and healthier so sleep should come easier

  • 2. Avoid eating past 10 o'clock

    This is something I struggle with as I'm European and so we tend to eat later but eating late means that the body has less time to digest before sleep

    3. Do exercise during the day

    Whether this is simple as some squats or as energetic as a run, exercise helps hugely. HOWEVER, don't do any exercise an hour before sleeping

  • 4. Shower before bed

    For some reason having a shower half an hour or an hour before going to bed helps me get off to sleep quicker, my guess is it relaxes your body

    5. Drink a glass of water

    Take a glass of water to your bedside and once you are in bed and ready to lie down, drink it (sitting up of course)

  • 6. Open a window or two

    It's good to have oxygen in the room so even opening some windows a tiny amount helps

    7. Technology

    Now, I've read that you should avoid technology before bed but personally I found no difference when I avoided technology compared to texting before bed. So I suggest try both and see what works for you

  • 8. Only go to bed when tired

    This is semi obvious but if you try to sleep when wide awake then it will take you longer than if you wait 10 or so minutes until you feel sleepy

    9. Avoid alcohol and caffeine

    This includes soft drinks as all these things make it much closer harder to sleep

  • 10. Choose comfy pyjamas

    Always be comfortable in what you're wearing. Lately I've found wearing shorts and a loose t-shirt

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