This Is Why Everyone Should Have Hydrogen Peroxide At Home by Lisa Duran - Musely
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This Is Why Everyone Should Have Hydrogen Peroxide At Home

posted in Home & Garden
  • People usually have hydrogen peroxide in their hones to clean cuts. However, there are other useful ways to use hydrogen peroxide.
    The following uses of hydrogen peroxide will make you buy even a spare bottle, and having such a useful and versatile ingredient in your home is worth the money spent. Here are the ways in which you can use hydrogen peroxide both for your home and your health.

    Hydrogen peroxide against colds

    When you feel that a cold is coming on, put two drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ears and the illness will be stopped. 

  • Hydrogen peroxide as a teeth whitener

    Homemade toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda will whiten your teeth. You can also swish hydrogen peroxide around your mouth.

    Hydrogen peroxide against athlete’s foot

    Bacteria cause athlete’s foot. To destroy the bacteria, spray your feet with hydrogen peroxide, especially after exercising. You will not face athlete’s foot issue if you use hydrogen peroxide after each workout session. Those who already have this problem should soak their feet in a mixture of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide. This helps the feet recover from this health problem.

  • Hydrogen peroxide against bacterial diseases

    You can fight common cold by inhaling 3% hydrogen peroxide from a sprayer. However, direct spraying of the nostrils with hydrogen peroxide can cause serious side effects, so be careful.

    Hydrogen peroxide against Candida

    Candida, a yeast infection can be defeated with hydrogen peroxide since it cannot survive in an environment rich in oxygen.

    Hydrogen peroxide against stains

    You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove tough to get out stains such as grass, chocolate and other types of stains. However, you should know that hydrogen 

    Be careful it is also bleech

  • Hydrogen peroxide against odors

    Put a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and essential oils in a spray bottle and spray objects with unpleasant odor. In a short time, the terrible smell from the object will disappear.

    Hydrogen peroxide as a fabric whitener

    Hydrogen peroxide is able to whiten fabric. It has the same effect as a whitening products and bleach, it is only less expensive.

    Hydrogen peroxide as a toothbrushes cleanser

    Remove all the germs from your toothbrush by soaking it into hydrogen peroxide. Wash the toothbrush nicely afterwards.

  • Hydrogen peroxide as a pots and pans cleanser

    If you have pots and pans that have spots that cannot be removed soak them in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water for 2 hours. Use gloves to clean the pots and pans with soap afterwards.

    Buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and enjoy all of these uses of this incredible ingredient.


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