Things That DON'T Work To Fix Your Zit... Finally! by Ainslie M - Musely
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Things That DON'T Work To Fix Your Zit... Finally!

posted in Skin & Body
  • Yup, you read that right. All those tips on what works to clear up your skin, and now you see what DOESN'T work? I haven't found any DIY zit zapping miracles yet, so instead of the typical 'it's a miracle!' I'll share with you what I've tried and realized shouldn't deserve all the fuss it gets.
    I'm sure you've heard it all. All the methods that "models and celebrities use before red carpet events and runway shows". Then you tried it. It didn't work, and if it did ANYTHING, it made your zit worse. Thanks loads. But keep reading so that doesn't happen again. Share, like, and be happy!

  • 1) ADVIL LIQUI-GELS: Yes, people SWEAR, by this trick. And it seems so simple! Stick something sharp in a gel Advil, squeeze onto zit, and get clear skin almost instantly! Apparently even models and celebs use it, but if that's true, the why isn't this nifty trick all over magazines and on her lips of dermatologists everywhere?
    Because it doesn't work. Yes, it's harsh, but it's true. People rave about this, but I've tried it, and I know others who have tried it and nope, doesn't work.
    Even if you let it sit (even for 20 minutes), all you get in return is a VERY sticky face.

    Verdict: NO.

  • 2) NAIL POLISH REMOVER: What. Just what. Who EVER thought that putting PURE 100% ACETONE on your face could be GOOD?! Pure acetone isn't even good for your nails, and they're much more substantial than your delicate face.
    Please don't do it. People say it's a cheap toner that works better than high-end products, that it gives you dreamy skin in just days, and that it softens your skin immensely. The truth? It doesn't. It's all chemical! You purposely find face products sans chemicals, so don't try this. And it's just going to irritate your problem spot even more.

    Verdict: NO.

  • 3) TOOTHPASTE: 'Leave some toothpaste on your zit overnight, and it'll be gone in the morning!' said every tipper ever.
    Please don't. Please. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.
    Even if your toothpaste of choice is all-natural, sans-whitening agents, sans-fluoride, and sans-gels, it's still so bare for your face! It's going to clog your pores where you apply, giving you even more zits, and who wants THAT?
    This stuff is meant to save you from cavities. Think about how strong some white sticky stuff's gotta be to do that, and avoid putting it on your face. Plus, it's so sticky.

    Verdict: NO.

  • 4) 1 ASPIRIN TABLET AND FOUR DROPS OF WATER MASHED UP: First off, who wants to carefully measure out four precise drops of water? Not me! And it took a whole handful of water for my 'uncoated aspirin tablet' (let's just call it plain Advil, 'kay?) to even think about getting soggy, much less mashable. Maybe I got the Iron Man version of Advil, but all I know is: THOSE THINGS JUST DON'T MASH.
    Plus, who's got uncoated Advil? The coating makes it taste bearable, and although rinsing the coating off the Advil is a breeze, you get orange sticky stuff EVERYWHERE. Let's not.

    Verdict: NO.

  • 5) SUGAR AND WATER: This has zero logic behind it. It's not one of the more popular 'miracle tips' but it is out there. It claims that mixing water with twice as much sugar to create a paste can zap that zit if left overnight. Like I said, no logic.

    Verdict: NO.

  • 6) SALT: This is another tip that's not hugely popular, but I still want to warn you about.
    Your first reaction might be "Wait, isn't salt supposed to make worse? You know, 'adding salt to the wound', and all?"
    And yes, if you think that you're partially right, but not completely. Salt has actually been proven to take down swelling, and many dentists and orthodontists will prescribe a daily salt rinse for swollen gums. But although it might descrease the swelling and redness a tad, the infection and irritation rate is too risky for me to suggest this 'helpful hint'.

    Verdict: NO.

  • So that's it! Just use your common sense when it comes to DIY zit remedies. Even if comments swear by whatever it is. It it was really such a miracle cure, why aren't dermatologists prescribing it left and right? Be smart, think logically, do some research on what seperate ingredients in the solution do, and no matter what happens, keep that beautiful smile on your face!

    Verdict: Don't let Google diagnose you (and that's a tip to hold on to for life).

  • 7) LEMON JUICE: Even though you may think it's safe (it's natural! It comes from a fruit!), lemons are BEYOND acidic. Would you put any kind of acid on your face? I know that I wouldn't want to. Putting lemon juice won't only possible irritate the zit/pimple/spot, but it can irritate any skin surface it gets on. Also, think of putting lemon juice on an open cut. It's a no no. Like I said before, it can help to think of your pimple as an fresh cut.
    Also, the acid will mess up your pH balance, which can result in even more pimples! Thanks, but no thanks.

    Verdict: NO.

  • Thanks loads for reading, liking, and sharing! Keep on being wonderful! If you enjoyed check out some more of my tips. I have some great beauty tips and trick, and some amazing life hacks for y'all! Thanks beyond thanks! Xxx


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