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Things I Learned Being A Mom

posted in Family & Kids > Parenting
  • 1. My youngest has recently gone through a phase of being scared of monsters and shadows at bedtime. I gave her an EMPTY spray bottle and told her it was invisible "scary stuff" spray. I "sprayed" it all around her room and then let her sleep with it beside her in case any more scaries showed up. After a week she said all the scary stuff was gone. It worked and also didn't soak anything by giving her something with liquid in it!

  • 2. My girls both have long hair but had issues with letting me brush it regularly. This may sound mean, but I told them that if they didn't brush it and get all the tangles out they'd have to have short hair like dad. Empty threat, but it worked. What also helped is letting them brush it first and then I would help get the last few tangles out. We also braid it in one, two, or four braids every night to help reduce the amount of tangles in the morning. One perk to this is they love how curly their hair is the next day!

  • 3. Let them help in the kitchen or with laundry and other chores! It may slow the process a bit but it is worth it! my 4 year old will help with foods that don't involve the stove/oven or knives such as pulling the tails off of cooked shrimp or when making cookies she'll pour ingredients in. My ten year old is at an age she can help stir stuff on the stove top. Both girls help fold laundry. These tasks instill independence and responsibility. The girls clean their own bathroom each with their own jobs.

  • 4. Choose your battles. Who cares if their shoes don't match their outfit? Who cares if their hair clips look ridiculous because they didn't want help? I pick two outfits out for my four year old for the next morning...she picks which one she wears and then she picks her own socks and her own shoes. At least her outfit matches even if it's red and she wants to wear her favorite pink cowgirl boots with it. Then she tops it off with five multicolored hair clips put in right at the front of her face.

  • 5. GET YOUR EYES OFF YOUR PHONE AND ON YOUR KID! I cannot stand when I see parents at the park who don't even glance in the direction of their child who is about to faceplant off the monkey bars or is throwing sand at my child because they are too busy on facebook or whatever the case may be. Take responsibility for your child and spend some time with them while you can. Before you know it they'll be teenagers and will be cursing your existence.

  • 6. Quit being a hypocrite. "Oh I read on Facebook and this webpage and that webpage that kids should have this amount of electronics time." And how much time did you spend staring at a screen to determine this? And how much of this time was spent with your child trying to get your attention and you were "busy"? I save my screen time for when the kids are in bed or at school.

  • 7. Let them be kids. Let them play in the dirt. Let them get covered in paint. They didn't invent washers and dryers for nothing. Who the hell cares if it gets a stain. Make that an outside or crafts outfit if it's that big of a deal. Or if you're that worried about it you may as well put your kid in a freaking bubble and never let them out into the world.

  • These are just items from my point of view. You may agree or disagree. Everyone has their own parenting style. More to come and feel free to like, save, and share. And comments are welcome along with any other helpful ideas you have. Happy parenting!!


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