Things Guys Need To Understand About Girls Hints by Callie LALAπŸ’• - Musely
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Things Guys Need To Understand About Girls Hints

posted in Relationships
  • (This is my personal opinion so every girl is sometimes different so just realize that.)

    If you can agree give it a like and want to give me feed back (good or bad) please leave it in the comments so I know what to do the same or different thanks πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • 1: when girls text you and you don't answer and they ask a random question or send a second text they really want to talk to you.
    2: usually about 99% of the time when girls say there fine or nothing's wrong there lying they really want you to just hug them and make everything all right.
    3: if a girl likes you they want to be close to you and talk to you 24/7 but there scared there annoying you so just know when they text you first usually it means they like you and it was probably was scary to them to text you first because i know atleast I always think I'm annoying.

  • 4: if a girl tells you she likes you it was most likely super hard for her like guys trying to tell a girl they like them just the fear of rejection and losing you so don't just answer like okay or cool please answer your true feelings cause if you leave a girl with a cliff hanger it kills us Inside because girls are really good at coming up with possible solutions and it serious is so hard.
    5: also finally yes guys periods are very good reason to be a bitch when bloods coming out of u for a week straight every month you can complain. Just don't be a dick.

    Please guys think before responding


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