The best way of getting rid of a cold sore quickly by The best way of getting rid of a cold sore quicklyYou will need 1. some cotton buds 2. a clean needle 3. some tissue roll 4. either some alcohol or some perfume 5. some roll on deodorantStart but takeing a cotton bud with either some alcohol or perfume on each end. use this to clean the area surrounding the cold sore and the cold sore it's self. This will start to kill the bacteria that allow the cold sore to stay alive. Then roll about 4 squares of tissue roll and place it under the cold sore and holding it there with you lip, as if you were dabbling you lips after putting on lipstike. This will catch all of the liquid inside the cold sore and make sure that it does not touch the skin around the lips as this will allow the cold sore to spread.Make sure that all the liquid from the cold sore is completely drained out and the cold sore is dry. Useing the needle pop the cold sore and then with a cotton bud, with either alcohol or perfume on it, hold the bud over the cold sore and dab it useing the opposite ends of the cotton bud for about 3-4 minutes, this may sting a little but it is getting rid of all the bacteria and is killing the cold sore. When doing his make sure that you get a lot of either the perfume or alcohol in the cold sore as this is really important to make sure that t you get rid of it.After this get some of your roll on deodorant and put it on the cold sore and the surrounding area and allow it to dry. This will keep the cold sore dryer out and this in turn prevents it from spreading or getting any worse. it's best to do this be for bed just so that you see the best of the results however I did it in the day time and it still works. I hope this works for you, it worked for me x