The Best DIY Backyard Games For Summer 2015 : PART 2 by Jennifer Duguay - Musely
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The Best DIY Backyard Games For Summer 2015 : PART 2

posted in Family & Kids
  • 17. Giant Pick-Up Sticks

    This classic game has never been better! What’s a better way to get the kids to spend a little more time outdoors and learn a game that you played in a your childhood? I personally just like the idea of jumbo games, but I’d also like to freshen my pick-up stick skills in a BIG way (no pun intended).

  • 18. DIY Water Wall

    Oh, the fun you can have with a peg board and zip ties! This is like a science experiment that is just as much fun to build as it is to play with. Start saving all of those plastic containers, and have fun making your very own! I especially like the idea of cutting out pieces of an old garden hose.

  • 19. Tin Can Toss

    Sometimes a little bit of fun can be packed inside of those tin cans, too! Hang them from a homemade structure, and see how many bean bags, rocks or balls you can get into the different sized cans. You could even label each one with it’s point value (based on size).

  • 20. Lawn Scrabble

    If you’re a Scrabble junkie like myself, you just might be up for this challenge! The fun part would be tip toeing over all of the scrabble pieces to put your word down. That’s all you’ll need is 8 feet of space, 225 pavers and a lot of wood plaques. That’s not too much to ask, right?

  • 21. Stumps Tug-of-War

    This game isn’t just about strength, not when you add in a few upside down milk crates or wood stumps! See who can keep themselves balanced while trying to pull their opponent off. You could even make a mud pit to make it more interesting.

  • 22. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

    Get excited about summer, because this is one of my favorite outdoor activities for the kids! They have so much fun excavating the toys out of the ice. Just give them a few tools (hammer, screwdriver, etc.), and watch them dig for joy. They will want to do this over and over again!

  • 23. DIY Cornhole Board

    This classic is one of my favorites because it’s fun for all ages! I like the idea of customizing it, too. You could paint it in patriotic colors for a 4th of July party, or just use it all year round for backyard fun.

  • 24. DIY Water Blob

    This is better than a slip n’ slide! Although it’s “water play”, it’s completely dry (unless you add water to the top). I can image it gets pretty warm towards the end of the day, so it could even be fun on a cooler spring day. Maybe even fill it with a bit of glitter and/or food coloring!

  • 25. DIY Plinko

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking? The Price is Right! This could be an interesting project that the entire family would enjoy. If you like the circus, why not bring a little bit of the fun to your very own backyard?

  • 26. Balloon Dart Board

    I say, let the kids blow up the balloons and you staple them to the board! For a party, you could fill each balloon with a number that wins a corresponding prize. Just pick out balloon colors that match the holiday or party theme.

  • 27. Bean Bag Bowl Toss

    If you visit The Dollar Store, you could put this game together for about $5. Make your own point signs for each bowl, and see who can get the most points in just a few turns. You could even make bean bags with dried beans and scraps of fabric.

  • 28. Human Board Game

    A unique way to use sidewalk chalk! Create the board of your choice, making it as easy or as difficult as you think the players can handle. Make a jumbo sized die with a box and constructions paper. You would need a good sized driveway for this, but you could also do this indoors with blue painters tape instead of chalk.

  • 29. DIY Slip N' Slide

    Plastic sheeting! I would have never thought of this. If you’ve got a hose, I think the kids could manage to have a lot of fun. I’m also digging the PVC pipe sprinkler and hanging pool noodles.

  • 30. Bean Bag Ladder Toss

    So simple! Label each rung of the ladder with points. Now see who can get the most points possible by tossing a bean bag or ball! I love how easy this would be to set up, and if you have a ladder there’s no purchase required.

  • 31. Colossal Connect 4

    Ok, you got me. Technically this isn’t “DIY” (obviously, but I’ll bet you could make one). It just so happens I’m a master Connect 4 player, and I plan on having one of these in my yard this summer because I WILL play it every day. Every day.

  • 32. Backyard Glow Stick Games

    Just because it gets dark doesn’t mean all of the outdoor fun has to end! Glow sticks will keep the party going. These would be awesome for a 4th of July party! You could even fill balloons with glow stick and make a glowing balloon dart board. Or, outline the ring of your cornhole board with a glow stick so you can continue playing at night!

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