The Best Brands And Names For Buying Quality Makeup

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  • In this tip I will be listing a few make up brands and names that are quality and sometimes under the expense of your budget!

  • Mac us a expensive makeup brand to buy from although it lasts longer than most other makeup brand products,if you need makeup for a small ocassion i do not suggest buying from this brand name 💄

  • Elf is a wide spread makeup brand going from lipsticks and powders to lotions and hand cremés,it is a little cheaper than Mac although i still wouldn't reccomend for a little ocassion ; eg party or sleepover

  • Benefit is another expensive brand to buy from although it has a lovely range of makeup profucts so I would reccomend!

  • Nars is a expensive brand once again with a range of powders and liquid foundations nars has been reccomended to me in the past although i couldn't get my skin tone!

  • Rimmel is a cheaper brand to buy from and can find this brand name in your local drugstore ; eg superdrug or boots? I buy fron this brand name as a regular occasion although these are not as good as quality as Mac or Elf!

  • Chanel is one to buy from if you have lots of money to spend as it is a highend makeup brand and can be used for big occassions!

  • I hooe you liked my advice and tips!


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