Ten foolproof tips to guarantee the big O! 😯 (18+) by 💀Chloé Anderson🌹 - Musely
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Ten foolproof tips to guarantee the big O! 😯 (18+)

posted in Relationships > Intimacy
  • There’s no denying the fact that reaching the Big O is one the most amazing experiences. Sadly, most women can’t experience it every time they get frisky. But, what if we told you that you can get a mind-blowing, explosive orgasm every single time you have sex? Well, it’s really not that tough.

  • Squeeze and release: When you’re about to climax, squeeze your PC muscles for five seconds, release and do it again. This will create an intense friction against his penis which will help speed up your orgasm.

  • Get down and dirty: Ask him to go down on you. The trick is to use his tongue and finger simultaneously. This combo never fails!

  • On the top: Next time you’re on top, lean a bit forward and grind back and forth in a circular motion. When you feel you’re about to climax, ask your partner to thrust his member up a few times so that it hits your clitoris hard. This trick works like magic.

  • Missionary: During missionary, spread out your legs as much as you can. Have him grip your thighs for balance. While he is thrusting you, use your fingers to rub your clitoris. The feeling of your body so exposed and open will intensify your orgasm.

  • Play along: When you feel close to climaxing, use your hands to massage your breasts. Squeeze your nipples, pinch them or do whatever that feels good. The sensation will feel great and help you reach there.

  • Talk: While dirty talking sure is an amazing way to get aroused, even whispering sweet nothings can work like a charm. You could also ask him about his fantasies and conjure images about them. This will surely send you both to orgasmic bliss.

  • Breathe right: Focusing on your breathing will help you get rid of unwanted thoughts and distractions. Relaxing your mind and body will help you focus on sex which will lead to some mind-blowing orgasm.

  • All about the angles: While your man is on top, lift your legs and press your feet firmly against his shoulders. This angle allows his pubic bone to be directly in line to hit your clitoris. Grind your lower body against him and voila!

  • Doggy-style: If there’s one position that will definitely help you orgasm, is the doggy-style. Ask your man to enter you from behind. You could keep a pillow under your stomach as this will raise you higher and help him penetrate deeper. This position is to give you an explosive orgasm.

  • Spoon away: Get into the spooning position and have him enter you while he’s lying on his side. Guide his hands around to stroke your C-spot while he penetrates you. Get ready to experience an insane orgasm.

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