TOP 6 TIPS TO TURN HIM ON!!! pls 👍--esp if you 💾-- share, & 👉follow! by 💀Chloé Anderson🌹 - Musely
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TOP 6 TIPS TO TURN HIM ON!!! pls 👍--esp if you 💾-- share, & 👉follow!

posted in Relationships
  • Wonder what it takes to turn him on? Here are 6 saucy tips to get into the act and arouse him.
    Wonder what it takes to turn him on? Here are 6 saucy tips to get into the act and arouse him.
  • Sext: Warm up for some steaming hot sexual action by giving him a prelude. Send him a few sexts, naughty MMSes or suggestive e-mails during his lunch break to get desperately waiting for the evening. Or do so just when he’s about to leave work/reach home for some instant gratification.

  • Dress for sex: Holes in your underclothes reveal more than the obvious — your body. They may indicate that you are comfortable enough to be yourself in front of your partner, but also show that you couldn’t care less to pretty up for him. The latter, especially when least expected (after weeks of lounging around in sweatpants and tees) can be a huge turn-on!

  • Magic massage: You don’t have to be an expert masseuse to take the plunge. Arm yourself with some essential oils or good old moisturising cream. Play some soft, soothing music. Slowly undress him, get him to lie down and start caressing him, increasing pressure on strategic body parts depending on his reaction.

  • Go slow: Wrap up the massage by planting barely-there kisses with a featherlike touch of your lips all over his body. Take your time. Kiss every part of his body except his lips - his legs, inner thighs, belly, back, shoulders, arms, neck, throat, cheeks, ears, eyelids. And you sense him for craving your mouth in his, your tongue caressing his, stick to being deliberately slow and gently brush your lips against his. Soon, he’ll be kissing you with a violent desire that’s bound to surprise you. Lie back, surrender and enjoy.

  • Striptease: It’s the classic male fantasy… to see his woman strip herself of all that superfluous clothing. Turn on the music of your choice - teenybop pop (Britney Spears’ I’m a slave for You), hip-hop (Promiscous Girl) or desi beats (Maahi Ve from Kaante). One item at a time, peel off all that you’ve got on. Again, take your time.

  • Sleep in the buff: What’s better than night/wee-hours-of-the-morning sex? Just-up sex. Most men wake up with an erection. And if he wakes up next to a (semi) naked you, waiting to be ravished, prepare yourself for an orgasmic awakening.

  • hope you found this helpful! pls don't forget to: 👍;especially if you 💾! 😁 👉follow 👌share by liking/saving/following/sharing I know that the tips I'm posting are helpful & I should keep posting the same type of tips! thanks, ladies&gents! ❌⭕️❌⭕️chloe


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