TOP 10 SEXY WAYS TO TEASE YOUR MAN! by 💀Chloé Anderson🌹 - Musely
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posted in Relationships
  • Attack him off guard with affection
    Usually men don’t expect too much affection or the first move from their women. So, give him an unexpected tongue kiss or graze his package, this is sure to surprise him and works as a great teaser. We bet he won’t wait a minute to take you to the bedroom.

  • In-between sex
    If you’re on top during your session, stop the action and sexily go down his body until you’re sitting at the end of the bed. Give him a naughty ‘come and get it’ smile. It will drive him crazy.

  • PDA
    If you guys are out, give him a quick peck or hold him a little tighter while walking. While at a restaurant, caress his leg as high as you can get away with. If the moment is right, don’t shy away from lightly stroking his package over his pants.

  • Lingerie
    Investing in sexy lingerie is always a good idea as it can really turn on your man. Tease him by bending slowly to pick something off the floor in a super short skirt or prance around the room in your bra. Pretend that you don’t know he’s watching. Be prepared to be pounced on!

  • Scandalous sext
    When you’re out together at a party or with friends, send him a naughty text that hints at the dirty things you’d like to do to him. We bet he will leave everything to find a spot to be alone with you.

  • Sexy perfume
    If you guys have been together for a while, we’re sure you know the fragrance that drives him crazy. Spray the perfume on your neck and cleavage and get really close to him. Don’t blame us if he can’t get his hands off you after that.

  • Get playful
    During foreplay, slowly head downward licking his chest, stomach, groin and inner thighs. Kiss and lick him all over but his package - until he begs you to take him into your mouth.

  • Toys
    Sex toys can add a lot of excitement to your sex life and are a great way to tease your man. You could just lay out a toy in the morning so he can get a glimpse of it. It will get him thinking all day about what is coming at night.

  • Make him wonder
    Randomly ask him something like, “Do you think the kitchen floor will be too cold to have sex?” then walk away as if it was just a passing idea.

  • Food fight
    Have you ever thought of bringing some whipped cream or melted chocolate in the bedroom? Well, it’s sure to spice things up for you and him. Tease him with a food you both can’t resist.

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