Stuffed Zucchini (yummy Recipe) by Stuffed Zucchini (yummy Recipe)Stuffed zucchini 1.20pcs zucchini(usually serves about 3 people) 2.2-3 cups of rice 3.ground beef or meat 4.chopped fresh green mint 4.diced garlic(5pcs) 5.pepper(half a small spoon) 6.salt(small spoon) make sure not too much salty 7.medium size potatoes(optional) 8.olive oil(2-3apoons) 9.vegetable oil(3 full spoons) 10.tomato pastePut the rice in a bowl and add medium to hot water and set it aside for 15-20 minutes Then you'll need to hallow out the zucchini (and potato) out with a carving tool that looks like the picture on the next page! I bought mine at a Mediterranean store and I think you should be able to find some like that in a pumpkin carving kit. After you finish set them to a side. That way the rice should been ready to be drained and washed once and completely waterless! In that same bowl add the ground meat,chopped mint,diced garlic,pepper,salt ,olive oil,vegetable oil together and mix like the pic shows!Then after mixing you'll need to stuff the mix half way through the zucchini and potatoes just as the pic shows. You can close the top of the zucchini with a piece of tomato or the carving of the potatoes just to make sure that the stuffing won't come out. After you finish stuffing put them in a cooking pot organized at the bottom.then add water till the zucchini is completely covered.put them on the stove on a hi temperature till it boils,after it boils add a bit of salt and 3 full spoons of the tomato paste,and then you can bring the temperature to medium. Close the pot and leave it on theStove until it can test it if it's ready by stabbing a zucchini with a fork and making sure it's soft and that the rice inside is fully cooked! After its ready the water should be red and a thicker past! You can serve it in a serving plate and add the rest of the water to the top of it or put the rest of the water in separate bowls and serve it on the side!Enjoy your stuffed healthy zucchini Please save and like👍