Starbucks Milkshake Cupcakes😋☕️ by Starbucks Milkshake Cupcakes😋☕️INGREDIENTS: •1 Cake mix and makings •3 Paper cups •1 Cake mate frosting •Red food die •Icing sugar •Cocoa powder •3 Straws •3 Starbucks logos •ServiettesWHAT TO DO: • Bake cakes as instructions say on cake box. Don't forget to put them in muffin pans.CONTINUED: • When muffins are cooled, place two or three in a cup. • Adjust nozzle on icing can to get the "whipped cream" look. • Swirl the icing around the muffin to get desired look of whipped cream on a milkshake.Should look like this. • Make icing runny in light brown, dark brown, and pink to get desired look of flavorings. • Drizzle icing over the tops messily to make it look like flavored toppings. • Add in straws and then done. Enjoy ☺️Thank you for viewing! If you loved this tip feel free to like/share/save! Also check out my other tips as well!!😘💞💖💝