Soft Skin In Minutes! by Soft Skin In Minutes!Ingredients: •4 tbsp of organic coconut oil •1/2 cup of white sugar (Organic works best) • A jar to store it in • a spoon to mix it • a bowl to mix it inHow to make it: 1) Put your Coconut oil and sugar in a Bowl. 2) Mix together with a spoon. It should Have a thick consistency. 3) Use a spoon to put your mixture into a Jar. 4) Enjoy!Store it In your shower. Directions: 1) Take a good amount and rub onto your body. 2) Rinse off and your skin should be VERY smooth!This should last for a long time as long as it has a lid on it. ( Up to 2 1/2 months ) However, you can add some lemon to the mixture to make it last longer. Because of the heat from the shower, the coconut oil should just melt onto your body while the sugar will exfoliate.I really hope you guys enjoy this! Please like and follow me! Thx! Xoxo 😃