Skincare Life Tips That Changed My View Forever by Skincare Life Tips That Changed My View ForeverOne: we are ALL guilty of this annoying habit. Picking at our skin and touching our faces. Even I hate when the annoying time to time blemish comes around. Or your bored in class and rest your face on your hands. Two: I know people hate to hear this because it is on almost every skincare tip out there. But wash your face before bed. It is optional to do it in the morning, but you've only been on your pillows so...Three: You must dry your pillows twice a week( optional to dry more) and wash once every two weeks. You know you apply moisturizer, but did you know that can transfer to your pillow? Yes, you have been sleeping in oils that break you out my friendFour: I advise you to use a face mask twice a week for your skin type. I wouldn't overdo this because It could dry your skin out and just take away the natural oils your face needs. But at least twice a week to get a good deep clean on those pores!Five: Use a toner after you wash your face. I use a half Lemon half water mixture, but you can use whateverSix: see how that girl didn't take off her makeup before exercising? Yea big no no for her. Why? Because the sweat will mix with the makeup and will clog your pores. So do yourself a favor and wash all makeup and sweat off before and after.Seven: always put a primer on before you put your makeup on. Why? Because if not the makeup will set on your skin all day and seep into your pores. If you do not own a primer, I suggest aloe Vera it works just as goodEight: last but not at all least, do your makeup after you do your hair. The heat will seep into your pores that already has makeup on it. It WILL break you out.