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    What runs around a house but doesn't move? Fence

    What kind of room has no windows or doors? Mushroom

    What starts with a T, ends with a T and has T in it? A teapot

    What goes up but never comes down? Age

    I have a mouth but cannot speak, I have a nose but cannot smell, I have ears but cannot hear, I have eyes but cannot see. What am I? Portrait

    One night, a king and a queen went into a completely empty castle and had a baby. Why did 4 people leave? There was a knight

    A one story house has a pink stove, a green chair, a purple TV, a blue table, an orange fridge, a yellow carpet and a red toilet. »

  • What colour are the stairs? This is a one story house

    The red house is made of red bricks, the blue house is made of blue bricks and the yellow house is made of yellow bricks. What is the green house made of? Glass

    Mr. Green lives in the green house, Mr. Orange lives in the orange house and Mr. Pink lives in the pink house. Who lives in the White House? The president

    I am long when I'm young and I am short when I'm old. What am I? A candle

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