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Resolving Fights Before It Gets Bad

posted in Relationships
  • All couples fight. Wether it be about leaving the socks on the floor, or having a disagreement over sex; fights are normal and sometimes healthy for a relationship. No relationship is perfect, but the way you handle an argument makes a difference.

  • 1. Do not yell. Yelling will just cause tension, if you want to get your point across, talk to your SO like you would to a customer if you worked in retail. If SO doesn't want to listen or starts to yell, breathe in and ask them to please listen because this is important to you. Remember: your feelings matter, and so do theirs.

  • 2. Try not to interrupt them. This might make your SO feel like their opinion doesn't matter. That's when they stop caring about the whole problem. When they start expressing how they feel towards the topic, try to be understanding and then explain why you disagree.

  • 3. Listen, listen, listen. In the previous tip, I said to try and understand your partner, and this is so important. They may not listen to you at first but if you show that you want to fix the issue by listening to what they have to say first, this might be the easiest fix if all.

  • 4. Do not run away from the issue. If things start to heat up, don't give up. You can take a break and try to resolve things again after a little bit, but do not push it away. If the argument was never finished with a compromise or at least an understanding, this can lead to smaller issues bursting into break ups.

  • 5. Remember that if you love them, and they love you, no argument is going to end the relationship. These fights happen, and when you both get through them, you'll be stronger. The bigger the issue you tackle, the stronger your love will be. Don't throw in the towel, fight for the love you have.

  • <3 <3 all these tips were brought up from personal experience and some therapy. <3 <3


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