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  • It can be really hard to build up a relationship with someone(trust me I know)with it being friends,Bestfriends,boyfriend/girlfriend! You just have to go with what feels right and don't listen to anyone else.

  • Things to remember!:
    1⃣ trust each other obviously not as soon as you meet the person! But open up a little it makes it easier to be around each other!
    2⃣if you have an argument TALK to each other! Not through other people just you and that person and don't get other peoples say unit!
    3⃣make the most of! Friends come and go but it's the ones who stay are the true friends
    4⃣don't let silly things get in the way!

  • It's like they say!!

    Friends are like boobs so are real some are fake 😂😘


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